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Seatylock Mason 180 Cycle D Lock

Seatylock Mason 180 Cycle D Lock

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Seatylock Mason U-Lock 180mm Bike Lock - Compact Shackle (Sold Secure DIAMOND)

Mason, the world's lightest Sold Secure Diamond rated bike lock, 180mm
The compact 'mini-D' configuration is ideal for securing a single bike in theft prone areas. The high level of security is achieved by use of a unique triangulated 17mm thick shackle for the best strength to weight ratio. The Longer Mason locks adopt a complex 15.3mm thick patented pentagonal hardened steel shackle which is also the widest of its kind, ideal for securing multiple bikes.

Every Mason lock features a double deadbolt crossbar locking mechanism for protection against twist attacks and an anti-drilling key cylinder. Seatylock have ensured lasting durability by using rust free hardened steel and a rattle free dampened design.

Mason is ideal as a theft deterrent for longer duration security in city centres and other locations where stealing a bike may go completely unnoticed. Other suitable applications include additional home security used in conjunction with a ground anchor in the event of a garage break in, and higher value protection for e-bikes or motorbikes.

Don't be an easy target. Seatylock, for the bike you love!

  • Sold Secure Diamond Standard
  • Patented Triangular and Pentagonal shape shackles in four lengths
  • Double deadbolt and Anti-Drilling components in crossbar
  • Automatic cylinder shutter mechanism 
  • Bike frame protection with plastic coated sheath
  • Rattle Reduction Mechanism
  • Wide Clearance
  • Protected against the elements
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