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Prologo Doubletouch Bar Tape Black

Prologo Doubletouch Bar Tape Black

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Prologo's patented Doubletouch tape is the first variable thickness bar tape made with two distinct hand zones: comfort and grip.

Standard thickness Strongtouch on the lower section of the tape specifically for the drops gives a direct feel and firm grip when sprinting. The upper section of the tape features Geltouch double thickness material with an internal gel strip, giving a comfortable rounded feel with added vibration dampening.

When you open a packet of Doubletouch tape you will notice each tape is labelled "L" for left or "R" for right to aid the installation process.

Supplied with PROLOGO lockable bar end caps and finishing tape. To install the locking bar ends, simply take off the branded cap cover, insert the bar end into your taped handlebar, lock into place with a Allen key and click the cover back into place.

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