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MIK Carrierplate - Pannier Rack interface for MIK luggage 70170

MIK Carrierplate - Pannier Rack interface for MIK luggage 70170

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The MIK Carrier Plate is ideal for cyclists who are looking to upgrade their pannier rack to accommodate the MIK system. This carrier plate allows you to attach any accessory fitted with an MIK adapter to your standard luggage carrier (100 - 170 mm width) in as little as one second. You’ve a wide range of accessories to consider, including panniers and baskets with ample storage. Once fitted with MIK system components, it’s as simple as clicking your preferred storage item or accessory into place. 

Please note, bikes already fitted with integrated MIK systems including carrier plate needn’t worry about upgrading their bicycle with this accessory. An MIK carrier plate will fit on any luggage carrier with a thickness of between 8 and 16 mm (diameter)  and a width of between 100 and 170 mm (outside diameter).


  • The MIK Carrier Plate is suitable for bicycle baskets and panniers from Basil.
  • Attach at the rear luggage carrier of conventional and electric bike frames.
  • The MIK Carrier Plate is designed for use with accessories that have been fitted with MIK Adapter Plates.
  • Suitable for luggage carrier 100 up to 170 mm width


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