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Pro Form

Pro Form Tyre Tool

Pro Form Tyre Tool

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The ProForm Tyre Tool makes changing tyres easy. Using the Patent pending ‘Easy-Fit’ System even the toughest and tightest of fits can be conquered, all at the side of the trail.

Tyre Removal

  1. Make sure your tyre is deflated and the bead is pushed towards the middle of the rim and unseated (on tubeless setups).
  2. Using the standard lever end, slide lever under the tyre bead.
  3. Push down hard until bead pops over the rim-edge.
  4. Slide the lever round until the entire bead is over the rim-edge (this may take two hands).

Tyre Fitting

  1. With your first bead over the rim-edge and your tube fitted you are ready to use the ‘Easy-Fit’ system.
  2. Again, make sure your tube is deflated and the fitted bead is pushed towards the middle of the rim and unseated (on tubeless setups)
  3. With a hand on either side of the wheel, carefully stretch the tyre round, lifting it on, until you get to the final few inches.
  4. Hold the ProForm Tyre Tool in your right hand and fit the rim groove onto a section of rim where the tyre is fitted.
  5. Push the tool forwards (clockwise) around the rim until the tyre pops into place.
  6. If you find the bead is working its way off then use the Clip to pinch the tyre together and in place.
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