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Juice Lubes

Juice Lubes Ultimate Workshop Degreaser 600ml

Juice Lubes Ultimate Workshop Degreaser 600ml

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Dirt Juice Hero, Ultimate Workshop Degreaser is a fast-acting, grease-defeating remedy for anything that needs grease gone. It’s your secret weapon in the workshop when you need to clean out old gloop and grime, ready to start again from fresh.

Dirty drivetrains, bunged-up bearings, crusty chains, hammered headsets, you name it. If it’s oily, greasy and grimy, Hero will sort it.

Use it when washing bikes to degrease drive trains and rinse away with fresh water or blast it into bearings to send that old grease packing, then simply leave it to evaporate. Use it at close range to blast gunk away and as a general, workshop grab-and-go to clean up components.

  • Quick drying formula makes light work of oil and grease
  • Effectively removes bearing grease
  • Works on the waterproof grease
  • No rinse, no residue
  • Safe on metal, plastic, rubber and seals
  • Recyclable packaging
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