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Juice Lubes

Juice Lubes Bike Cleaner Concentrate

Juice Lubes Bike Cleaner Concentrate

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Dirt Juice Super is MAGIC. It's best value and least hassle way to buy your bike wash. AND, it's kinder to the environment than ever.

Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Super is the concentrated version of our tough-on-dirt, kind-on-components Dirt Juice Bike Wash. Think of it as Dirt Juice, just with the water removed. Like a bottle of orange squash, right?

Simply mix Super 9:1 with water and it transforms into Dirt Juice, our powerful and awesomely good value mud repelling bike wash. In fact, 1 bottle of Super is enough to create 10L of Dirt Juice. Magic, right?

We'd recommend that you buy Super when your original bottle of Dirt Juice runs dry (or why not buy a Double Pack in the first place?). When Dirt Juice runs out, grab your bottle of Super and refill, recharge and reload that original bottle 10 more times. That's 10 fewer trips to the bike shop and 10 fewer hand-in-your-pocket moments. Mega value, mega easy, zero hassle.

Why Concentrate?

  • 1 big value bottle of Super will create a whopping 10 litres of Dirt Juice, meaning it's mega value.
  • We can ship 1 bottle of Super for every 10 bottles of Dirt Juice, meaning it's way better for the environment.
  • Super is also a light degreaser and can be used neat to give components a clean-up.

If you’d rather spend your hard-earned on the apres-ride beers and chips than on bike cleaners, this is your golden ticket.

Except it’s green. It’s your green ticket.

  • 1L bottle = 10 litres of Bike Cleaner
  • Convenient bike cleaner refill
  • Makes cleaning cheaper
  • Same cleaning power as regular bike cleaner once diluted
  • Saves on plastic
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Recyclable packaging

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