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Clif Blok Energy Chews

Clif Blok Energy Chews

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CLIF BLOKS® Energy* Chews are an easy-to-chew source of quickly absorbed carbohydrates that deliver glucose and fructose for fast fuel to working muscles [or for athletes during activity]

They come in a variety of sodium levels to tailor and track carbohydrate and electrolyte intake 

Some flavours are available with various amounts of caffeine† to help athletes customize their experience   

CLIF BLOKS® Energy* Chews help during high-intensity activity lasting longer than one hour  

For best results, eat 1 packet (2 servings) every hour during long-lasting, vigorous activity; also follow consumption with water 

  • Quickly absorbed carbohydrates* 
  • No high fructose corn syrup 


†Not recommended for children or pregnant women. See package for recommended daily dose of caffeine. [Note: If a specific flavour is shown or mentioned, then the exact amount of caffeine per portion should be listed.] 

*Carbohydrate solutions contribute to the improvement of physical performance during high-intensity and long-lasting physical exercise in trained adults. [Note: If this claim is used alone, the asterisk is not required. If it is accompanied with imagery that shows high-intensity activity, then the asterisk and disclaimer must be used.] 

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