Newark Cycles Ltd

Shok Box Rental

We have for hire a very sturdy Shok Box cycle transport box. This box will safely hold your cycle during transportation. It has recently seen service taking a road bike to Copenhagen.

Hire rates are just £5 per day.

Terms and Conditions of Hire:

1. We charge £200 cash, refundable deposit per box (does not affect your statutory rights).

2. Late fees charged at £10.00 per day (this will only be charged if we have booked the Shok Box out to another customer that we cannot now fulfil), we will charge the full amount of days that we cannot fulfil... we do want to give you your deposit back!

3. We will only hire to an address that we can verify. You will need to bring photographic ID and proof of address to hire.

4. Our boxes will be inspected for any damage prior to being hired. If you see any significant damage when you receive the box please let us know as soon as possible.

5. The hirer (you) is responsible for the security and safekeeping of the Shok Box for the duration of the hire period. If the box is damaged during your flight, it is your responsibility to claim from the airline (as you have the contract with them). Damage will be taken from the deposit (as section 8), please take a photograph to support your claim. Your claim should begin at the airport where the damage takes place - please start your claim immediately.

6. We will accept cancellations up to 7 days in advance for full deposit refund. Less than 7 days notice will incur a charge of half the current daily rate per day.

7. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage or loss to your equipment whilst in our boxes, however we can assure you that the Shok Box is the safest option for transporting your precious bike!

8. The box will be assessed for damage on return. Any damage (excluding scuffs and scratches during transportation) will incur a fee deductible from your deposit. Significant damage rendering the box unusable/unsafe will be invoiced to you at the box's RRP.

9. If the damage can be repaired by us, the repair fee will be charged. We will only cover our costs and do not seek to profit from this unfortunate circumstance.
Please remember any damage that may make the box unusable for the next hirer should be reported as soon as possible (01636 612010) to give us a chance to fulfil the next order.

10. Please do not store the Shok Box in wet conditions.

The Shok Box remains the property of:
Newark Cycles Ltd
53 Balderton Gate, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1UE